“Conventions of Space and Time” Community Season 4 Episode 3 Live Blog

Donald_Glover_at_PaleyFest2Here we are in episode 3. The “study” group is off to an Inspector Spacetime Convention with the usual or unusual hijinks. One of these days we might see Study Room F again.

I liked last week’s episode. The one thing I enjoy about the Community Halloween episodes are the costume choices. I love that the writers always put Shirley in unexpected costumes, that Britta always gets an unflattering yet cute costume and Trobed match theirs.

Questions I had from last week’s episode:

  • Is there something about Shirley we don’t know about because how would a good Christian housewife like Shirley recognize the contents of Pierce’s special gym?
  • How kinky is Britta? Or is it Shirley just assuming the worst of a woman who has a liberal looseness?
  • Do you think “Gimp” outfit Pierce wore in Season 2 was from his collection?

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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