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“Economics of Marine Biology” Community Season 4 Episode 7 Live Blog

Pierce_the_DickishDean Pelton tries to lure a potential rich student (aka whale) to college and he’s enlisted some of Greendale’s favorite human beings (Britta, Annie and Jeff) to help him to the dismay of Pierce Hawthorne aka Pierce the insensitive/Pierce The Dickish/Grandpa The Flatulent. Meanwhile Abed makes a new fraternity (The Timelords of Gallifrey?) and Troy and Shirley take a Phys Ed class.

Sorry about the mix up last week. There was a post ready but I didn’t alert anyone in time.

Last week’s episode wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. You can’t “Chang” a Chang as Chang is still the same crazy ass mad dictator dressed as a Cuban Cab Driver and working with someone (Dean Spreck?) to get back at Greendale.  Jeff became the pariah (again) due to his dickish behavior at trying to uncover what Chang is really up to while Abed’s cameras capture the goings on in all their glory. Continue reading