Colorado Wants to Force Dogs into Life Jackets


A draft rule has been introduced in Colorado that would force dogs to wear life jackets while at doggie day care and boarding facilities if the dog has access to water that’s deeper than the dog’s shoulders. To further complicate things the facility must also provide a life guard to be on duty when dogs are water are located in the same place at the same time.

Of course, personal floatation devices aren’t really a bad idea, but just because a dog has access to water doesn’t mean they’re going in the water or that the water poses any risk to them. A wave-free pool with easy entry and exit is about the least risky place a Labrador retriever can be. In this dog owner’s experience, eating too quickly has been a far more dangerous activity than swimming in a pool.

Additionally, as will be obvious to eagle-eyed cartographers, Colorado has no direct access to any ocean and most doggy day care facilities do not have beach front access for their guests. Oceans being an actual danger to people and pets.

The authorities note that pools and dogs mixing has had disastrous consequences in the past and clearly some dogs do need protection, but surely there are easier ways, like gates and fences. But the thought of a pack of life jacket wearing dogs is entertaining. Though one should also consider that animals will quickly overheat during the summer months if they wear a life jacket.

It only seems proper to have a photo gallery of dogs wearing life jackets. You’re welcome.

Source: Daily Camera

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