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Recipe Sunday: Politically Comforting Chicken Enchiladas

(First, I want to give a huge shout out to the mods who run this place. It’s been a home for a lot of us for the last six years. You’ve seen us through joyful times and rough times – and given us belly laughs along the way. And thanks for letting us share recipes on Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you do.)

So, that happened. Aside from a personal loss or death in the family, I’ve never needed comfort food more than this week.

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Recipe Sunday: Maple Wasabi Chicken Skewers

Perception is a funny thing. In this case, a very rainy summer has left our CSA farmers feeling inadequate. They feel badly that all they’ve provided us are greens. Butter lettuce, spinach, bitter greens and beet greens. Which we’re not even remotely complaining about. Greens are awesome. But because they feel guilty – they gave all 22 members of the CSA a pint of Grade a maple syrup.

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Recipe Sunday: Chicken and Veggie Skillet

I hate cleaning up after cooking. HATE IT. That is why, when I find a recipe that only gets one skillet dirty, I become a huge fan. The original recipe (which I found in the amah-zing Better Homes and Gardens Chicken Dinners magazine) calls for yellow squash, and does not include any onion and garlic, which I believe are a must for 90% of the dishes in my house. I also bought these great shiitake mushrooms at the grocery store and they complemented the other veggies nicely. Continue reading

Recipe Sunday: Springtime Chicken and Purple Carrots

Hello April! It’s in the 60s and snow is finally disappearing from the roadside and sidewalks.

It’s glorious.

And here’s a little recipe that celebrates the flavors of longer days and warmer nights. Chicken cooked in a dill infused broth is perfect for Passover (look Ma! No chametz!) and the aroma will absolutely drive you wild while it cooks. (Or at least it drove me around the bend. I kept having to “taste test” it for seasoning, even though I hadn’t added anything in the meantime. Taste test, taste test, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.) Continue reading

Recipe Sunday: Chicken Tostadas

Do you ever buy a whole cooked rotisserie or fried chicken? If you don’t eat the whole bird in one sitting, it can be tiring eating the same leftovers for a few extra meals. This chicken tostada recipe is a great way to give your chicken leftovers a delicious second chance. You can also substitute the chicken with pulled pork and take it to the next level. Continue reading