Top Ten of the 2015 Best Of Lists

See ya 2015!

2015 was a year of questionable quality. But not everything was terrible! Here is a quick top ten list of interesting, funny or entertaining best of lists from 2015.

10. Best of Most Popular Restaurants to Eat, According to Instagram. We should consider outlawing taking pics of your food in a restaurant.

9. Complex’s Best Albums of 2015 is ordered incorrectly (in my opinion!) but it does include most of the important gems (It really should be revised to include King Push – The Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude).

8. Gawker’s Best Things We Read in 2015

7. Top Political Moments of 2015. Gay Marriage! Getting the damn Confederate Flag out the paint! I almost forgot awesome things happened before Trump ruined everything.

6. Best Movies of 2015. Did you see Star Wars? You should go see Star Wars. Than go read this list.

5. Best & Worst Logo Identities of 2015. I may be a little biased to add this, but 2015 saw some significant branding changes to big companies, most notably Google and Verizon.


3. #GreatMomentsInBlackTwitterHistory is not technically a listicle, but it collects so much of what made 2015 twitter fantastic.

2. Salon’s 5 Reasons Why 2015 Was the Year of Social Justice Warrior is a terrible headline. But I can’t make a list without mentioning how significant the entire #BlackLivesMatter movement and related progressive actions have been this year

1. The Guardian compiled the Best Memes of 2015. THE DRESS WAS ALWAYS BLUE.

On to 2016!

Oh and add any of your own best of lists you want to share!


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