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Crasstalk COW: If I Had a Hammer

Happy Friday, munchkins! I admit that after last week’s numerous nominations, I feared you might forget about me this week, but you didn’t. You sent even more nominations. So many that I didn’t fit everything in this post, but please don’t let that discourage you from inundating me with them every week. Every week! Say it with me! Every week! Okay, hit the jump for my recap of the week’s posts, notable comments and–you guessed it–your Comment of the Week. Continue reading

Is the Time Magazine Breastfeeding Kid Totally Screwed?

Well, you’ve probably seen Aram Grumet. He’s the three year-old seen breastfeeding on the cover of the upcoming Time magazine issue, “Are You Mom Enough.” The youngster shown clad in camouflage pants and standing on a stool with his eyes slightly tilted toward the camera as he latches on was posed by photographer Martin Schoeller who wanted to make Aram seem bigger, taller, older and more independent to emphasize the unusualness of the activity. But the question remains how all of this, let’s say notoriety, will impact him? Continue reading

Coming Attractions: An All-Star Cast Gets a Little Untouchable in Gangster Squad

The ubiquitous gangster movie. Now, we’ve seen this done before, whether as a serious crime drama, as classic noir, or as a bit of slapstick and tongue-in-cheek, take 1990’s Dick Tracy starring Warren Beatty for example. The challenge of today’s gangster/mob film is to make it just as entertaining as it is ballsy. Continue reading

Five Films to Watch With(out) Mom this Mother’s Day Weekend

I was writing out my Mother’s Day card, and suddenly I was thinking back to Mother’s Day 2004. That year, I took mom to see Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at the movie theater. She loved it (she had already seen and enjoyed Vol. 1). My mother’s taste in movies is probably not typical for a lady her age–she has adventurous taste. Although it might seem like an odd choice for the holiday (murder, revenge, kungfu), one of Kill Bill‘s major themes (especially in Vol. 2 is motherhood. Continue reading