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The 2021 Academy Awards and Red Carpet Open Thread

Welcome to your Crass open thread for, as they say, the TV show about movies. It’s the spring pandemic edition of Hollywood’s annual night of self-congratulation, listing off people you’ve never heard of, and virtue signaling. And this year you don’t have anything better to do.

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Golden Globes: Hollywood Will Try and Paint Glitz Over a Nation In Peril


The Golden Globes ceremony to be aired on Jan. 8th will be hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon, who by that time will probably have a bunch of seriously unfunny jokes about the madman about to become president of our nation, whom he patted on the head like an errant puppy during their last interview. But before that, dresses! and baubles! and pretty ribbons that represent claiming Canada as a new home, will be splashed across our television screens while we check Twitter to find out just how much Alec Baldwin is taunting our would-be “Scooby Doo” villain who lives in a gold apartment in the Black Lagoon. Continue reading

The SAG Nominations Choose Indie Darlings As This Year’s Faves

Oh, Hollywood, when you’re not screaming at the top of your lungs about Angelina Jolie daring to do that land-farce of a spectacle Cleopatra, again, because how dare she want to make a big, behemoth epic movie that will probably bankrupt Sony, haha! Yes, you’re giving out awards and pats on the backs for all the wonderful movies and television you’ve zapped into the eyeballs of the viewing public. It’s SAG award nomination time. Let’s see what graying, old filthy codger of a television show is still hobbling down the carpet to pick up an award. (Modern Family) Continue reading

Chris Evans, Panic Attacks, and The Problem of Being a Movie Star

Chris_Evans_Gage_SkidmoreWhat happens when your standardly handsome, not-particularly-memorable movie star–the type that comes a dime a dozen in the plastic bubble of the entertainment industry–turns out to be self-aware?

Chris Evans, star of superhero film franchises like “Captain America” and the fragrance campaign for Gucci Guilty, has built a career on his all-American good looks and “comic book physique“. As a result, the decade or so he’s spent acting has felt anxiety-inducing and soul-crushing. Describing his failure to cultivate meaningful or varied roles, he told one interviewer, “I’ve made about 20 movies and I’m probably proud of three”. Continue reading