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Mayor of Toronto Chases and Threatens Reporter

The Mayor of Toronto is a massive embarrassment to my city. Yesterday, one of the Toronto Star’s city hall politics reporters filed a story that Rob Ford wants to buy a slice of the park adjacent to his house so that he can build a bigger security fence. The reporter behind the story, Daniel Dale (and this is according to his own account, which differs from the mayor’s), went out to the park of which Ford wants to buy a piece and was taking pictures of the park and, it would seem likely, Ford’s fence, for the story. Continue reading

New York Times Car Reviewer Notices How Lame the Toyota Camry Is

beige boring Toyota Camry
Times auto reviewer Ezra Dyer got the worst possible assignment last week — to write a review of the 2012 Toyota Camry. You have to feel for the guy. What the hell do you write about those ubiquitous, dowdy beige grocery-getters that could possibly make for an interesting article?

The Camry, which has less flavor than Mitt Romney eating half a saltine, has been America’s best selling automobile for 13 of the last 14 years. (Think about the awfulness of that next time someone starts bad-mouthing the cars coming out of Detroit.) To Dyer’s credit, he realized there is no way to talk about the most boring car ever built other than to point out numerous times how lame Camry owners areContinue reading