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Mayor of Toronto Chases and Threatens Reporter

The Mayor of Toronto is a massive embarrassment to my city. Yesterday, one of the Toronto Star’s city hall politics reporters filed a story that Rob Ford wants to buy a slice of the park adjacent to his house so that he can build a bigger security fence. The reporter behind the story, Daniel Dale (and this is according to his own account, which differs from the mayor’s), went out to the park of which Ford wants to buy a piece and was taking pictures of the park and, it would seem likely, Ford’s fence, for the story. Continue reading

Toronto’s Two Solitudes

City politics in the city of Toronto has been very interesting this week, since a vote Wednesday in Toronto’s city council led to the collapse of the mass transit plans of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Ford had hoped to concentrate on expanding subway service in Toronto, opting against surface light rail; Ford’s opponents, led by Toronto Transit Commission chair, city councillor, and former Ford ally Karen Stintz won a vote that would instead restore plans for surface light rail routes. Mass transit has been an emotional issue in Toronto, and this vote aside the controversy is likely to continue. Continue reading