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The Most Polarizing Foods in Existence or Just the Ones Weirdos Like

It’s like the Huffington Post just peered into the deep, dark recesses of the Crasstalk mind and determined that wars are won and fought over cilantro. No, seriously, have you ever had a cilantro debate? Bloodshed. Tears. Apoplexy. These are all things that surely occur once you engage in battle over that little, soapy, poo tasting dirge of a herb that is named cilantro or as some of us like to refer to it, nasty thing that assaults our taste buds whenever we eat guacamole or pico de gallo. Feh. Here then are a few others that have been deemed the 10 Most Polarizing Foods. Do you agree? Continue reading

GOP Debate Recap: The Clown Show Goes to Tampa

The disgraced former House Speaker campaigns in Florida.

The unending horror that is Campaign 2012 lurches now into Florida, with loathsome space-criminal Newton Leroy Gingrich more-or-less the front runner again after savagely defragging hapless software glitch Willard “10k” Romney in South Carolina. Sweater-fetishist and reproductive-sex enthusiast Dick Santorum is hoping to catch up with the disgraced former House Speaker here in the wretched peninsula where all those Spanish conquistadores got malaria. Romney is just hoping not to get embarrassed again. Ron Paul left hope behind in the sands of his homeland, millennia ago, and he comes here because he cannot stop, until the temple gold is recovered, and his curse is lifted, and dread Horus calls him home.  Monday night, the candidates met in Tampa, near the spot where Hernando de Soto introduced the Calusa people to smallpox, for yet another one of their endless debates. Won’t these people ever shut up? The short answer, of course, is no. Continue reading

Sarah Palin Discusses the State of Chris Christie’s Panties

Do you think she just sits home and waits for the best time to emerge from an entombed sarcophagus like some sort of be-fouled, hair demon, so she can burble all her stupid mouth dribbles into the ear holes of the ridiculous Right while they sop up every harebrained comment and show it off to all their friends like the “Thanks for playing!” trophy all players get for their little league participation? Yes, yes, this is probably exactly what happens. Who knew she also watches Meet the Press? Continue reading

The First Shall Be Last When the Media Tries to Get the Scoop

Watch a horrible mistake unfold, and facepalm with me.

We don’t have to be first. My fellow journalists may be going into convulsions as I say that, but it’s true. We don’t. People are sick of that. It means nothing, in this age when information is almost instantaneous, and first means little more to an audience than a few seconds. Audiences care about presentation, about snappy writing, about looks and sound and branding, about reliability. Continue reading

Parenting Off The Grid: Goin’ Back to Nature

Do you have fantasies of sitting around a wood stove reading stories to your children? Do you fantasize about living in harmony with nature? Would you like to garden alongside your children and raise your food naturally? If so, Parenting Off the Grid may be for you.

“Off the grid” is an expression that may be unfamiliar to those who live in urban environments. It’s a movement that embraces a commitment to live as self-sufficiently as possible. Some people are committed enough to live without public utilities entirely. Others use a combination of solar power, farming and a minimalist lifestyle to make themselves more self-sufficient than most people. There is a certain type of western U.S. resident that aspires to this lifestyle which is more readily available in Montana, Wyoming and certain parts of Colorado. Continue reading