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Should You Try Cinnabon’s New Pizzabon?

Ha-ha! These are serious questions that we ask in 2012. Whenever a fast food empire releases a new meal item, despite our initial revulsion at seeing that it looks like something a dog coughed up and then spread on bread, or put in a taco shell, or slapped between two fried pieces of chicken, some insane part of us wonders, if even fleetingly, “What the hell could THAT taste like?” We wonder this as our minds conjure every variation of awful pseudo-food we’ve ever microwaved and eaten in college. Continue reading

Web Diving: Steel Stomachs are Required for What Lurks on HorriblePinterestRecipes’ Tumblr

Berf. Like seriously, what are people thinking? Yes, we know Pinterest is the bestest most spectacular website for finding anything from teeny, tiny bedazzled baby shoes, mason jar centerpieces, to, I dunno! Button bracelets or two Chihuahuas sitting in a small pink roadster! Don’t ask. But did you know some of the most disgusto recipes we’ve come across in a long time happen to live there? And by live there, we mean slowly mutating, replicating and plotting to destroy the world with its noxious ingredients and frankly, mockery of all things edible? Like the Crescent Taco Bake shown above. No, we’re not kidding. Follow after the jump if you dare. Continue reading

The Most Polarizing Foods in Existence or Just the Ones Weirdos Like

It’s like the Huffington Post just peered into the deep, dark recesses of the Crasstalk mind and determined that wars are won and fought over cilantro. No, seriously, have you ever had a cilantro debate? Bloodshed. Tears. Apoplexy. These are all things that surely occur once you engage in battle over that little, soapy, poo tasting dirge of a herb that is named cilantro or as some of us like to refer to it, nasty thing that assaults our taste buds whenever we eat guacamole or pico de gallo. Feh. Here then are a few others that have been deemed the 10 Most Polarizing Foods. Do you agree? Continue reading

Sandra Lee Makes the Most Disgusting Things for Christmas!

Thanks to fabulous Crasstalk Commenter, Gooch, I happened upon a YouTube well of insane and fell right in. Oh, yes, the things discovered here are of magnanimous, indescribable hilarity, mixed with a boozy, crazy disgusting filled topping. I give to you the Christmas-themed treats cooked up by Sandra Lee of the Food Network show, Semi-Homemade, which is some sort of cuisine purgatory where truly abhorrent canned goods and smallish amounts of homemade ingredients collide in a crap sack of inedible mania served with a smile and a straight face. Continue reading

The McRib: A Deconstruction

I’m pretty sure this food product greases the wheels of the devil. It is a horror show covered in barbeque sauce. It is literally the decayed pork meat body of your nightmares and millions of people love it. This is why we have terrorism. Guess what everyone?! Now this rank, porcine gristle coaster and its legions of lunatic fans have something else to be concerned about.

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Geoducks Coming Soon to Red Lobster?

I’d like to think that I have a very middle-of-the road palate. And by middle-of-the-road I mean not eating a lot of outrageous stuff like Sardinian maggot cheese or various forms of Cheetos (bar-b-que, ranch, honey mustard et al). Yes, I like my gourmand stuff mixed in with more pedestrian offerings. Think goat cheese and pears with pasta in a balsamic reduction, or an awesome bacon, egg and cheese from the deli on 5th Avenue and 16th Street in NYC… things like this, you know, foodie-lite if you will. But every now and then you come across something that just baffles the mind, and like a kid, once again you can’t get beyond what something looks like, even if it tastes amazing.

I offer you the Geoduck. Continue reading

17 Things That Will Freak You Out!

I don’t ask for much. Maybe just a little calm and serenity to my day. I don’t usually get it, natch. However, there is nothing like saying goodbye to peace and goodwill by stumbling upon an article that just makes you say, “WTF?! That’s crazy. Thanks. If you want me I’ll be here under my bed with two cats, a sword, and a bible.”

Ladies and gents, I think we have a winner.

HuffPo Humor Writer, Eric Grzymkowski, has found seventeen gross and/or weird things that just have to be read. Mostly because I can’t be the only one with this information in my head.

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