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The NFL Tells Ladies to Just Stay Home


The NFL has determined that the greatest threat to fans’ safety at games is women’s purses. In a statement that must have been informed by a score of all men to zero women, the 2013 NFL season will be free from those violent, purse-swinging brawls they have become so known for because purses have been banned. You know what other sins women’s purses have been committing? They’ve been HOLDING UP THE LINE at entry points. Well, that’s solved. I mean, do you really need all that stuff? What is in there, anyway? Continue reading

ESPN Host Says Robert “RG3” Griffin III Not Really Black

First Take, a generally awful ESPN program hosted by Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, was discussing Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III aka RG3. RG3 is a black quarterback, so that is automatically a story for the sports media. So much so that RG3 keeps getting asked about his blackness during press conferences. Here’s how he handled the question of being a black QB in DC during his last presser: Continue reading

The Rundown – NFL Week 13

TrophyFor the last quarter of the season The Rundown will be switching to Sunday mornings in a blatant attempt to spur conversation. I’ll be doing a preview of some of the most important match ups of the week instead of doing a review of the previous week’s action. See what I did there? I added a “p”. Mr. and Mrs. Ross are still making picks and while Thursday’s wasn’t posted you will have to take my word for it we both picked the Broncos. Anyway, on to The Rundown. Continue reading

The Rundown – NFL Week 12

TrophyBy now, everyone is so sick of turkey that the mere mention of it is enough to send one running. Well for you, my loyal reader, I have pulled myself out of a turkey coma and dragged myself to the nearest computer to cover the latest in NFL news. I take one week off, and many exciting things have happened and we shall cover as many of them as I can write before I collapse in a pumpkin-induced stupor. On to The Rundown!

San Francisco Drama – Jim Harbaugh made a bold move, one not made since Bill Belichick benched Drew Bledsoe in favor of Tom Brady. By tossing Alex Smith under the nearest bus, he has put all his eggs into the Colin Kaepernick basket. I think young Colin will be a fine NFL quarterback one day, but the Niners were cruising towards the NFC title game at the very least. Smith has playoff experience that Kaepernick does not have. I fear the Niners are headed for a first round flame out. Harbaugh is being cagey on his starter next week but this is the second time he has sought to replace Smith, something I’m sure Smith is well aware of. By changing horses in midstream, anything that doesn’t end with a Lombardi trophy and a trip to Disney World is going to be second guessed and possibly considered a failure. Continue reading

The Rundown – NFL Week 10

TrophyWeek 10 of the NFL is in the books and the playoff picture is definitely coming into focus. Teams are starting to pull away in their various divisions and we need to start talking about who is going to sneak in as a wildcard. The week was much more interesting than I thought it would be, which just goes to show you the unpredictable nature of the NFL. On to The Rundown!

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