QOTD: How Much Alcohol Do You Really Drink in a Week?

A couple of nights ago a number of us conducted a Scientific survey about the number of bottles of wine that the average Crasstalk commentator drinks in any given week. From as little as one glass a week to several boxes was the result. Some of our scientists even suggested that “boxes” or “boiîtes” would be better units of measures to yield more accurate results from our gang of drunks sample community.

At this point our survey got corrupted as people added foreign units like “bottles of beer” and “70 metric units of Gin” in their results; and our survey broke down even from there. It was speculated that medical doctors routinely multiply the results of patient drinking surveys by as much as 3 or 4; meaning that if you say you drink two or three bottles of wine a week the medical community interprets this as eight-twelve bottles.

Results and Speculation:

1) The memorable phrase “Gin Hobo”
2) We, as a community MAY have a drinking problem.
3) Further study needed to verify speculation in Result #2
4) The scope of the question broadened.

Question for followup survey:

How much alcohol do you actually drink in a week?

Results of this survey will be submitted to the moderators of this site for analysis. Don’t be shy. It’s for Science.

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