Three Great Long-Form Reads

Fascinating reads on the world’s largest sperm bank, animal abuse in Hollywood, and the Riot Grrrls.

No Animals Were Harmed by Gary Baum for The Hollywood Reporter

Turns out the American Humane Society’s “No Animals Were Harmed®” disclaimer prominently featured at the end of most movies isn’t as accurate as they would like you to believe. Compelling feature on the all-too-chummy links between Hollywood and the Humane Society.

She Came to Riot by Jennifer Pan for Jacobin Magazine

Fascinating critique on the paradoxical neo-liberal entrepreneurial ethos of the Riot Grrrl’s and the way(s) historiography continues to mask it.

Come Inside: The World’s Biggest Sperm Bank by Sarfraz Manzoor for The Guardian

Sperm bank Cryos has turned Denmark into the sperm capital of the world. Oh, and “If you have big balls, you have good sperm.”

Feel free to share any recent (or not) long-form reads you’ve enjoyed in the comment section.

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