Super Squats Club: Week Three

We’re three weeks, folks!  So how you doing?  Have you been done, lock, and dropping your booty at the gym like you promised?  Do you hate me yet for actually holding your sorry behind accountable?  Not to brag or anything but this week I finished cardio class for the first time, have a cute dimple along the side of my gut,  lost a half inch from my waist, and held a one-legged plank for 30 seconds.  If only I were this good every week!

How does all this fit into my goals, which were to:

  • To stay on my six day per week exercise program.  I began the 90 day plan on Monday with 2 friends.
  • 1 Coca-cola/day (I drink Coke like you people drink coffee) without rollovers
  • Maintain my 10K training.
  • No eating after 9:30pm
  1. Yeah buddy, rolling like a big shot
  2. *crickets*
  3. See #1
  4. Well enough.

To familiarize yourself with our challenge, go here. How you doing?

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