Super Squats Club: Eight Week Challenge

You may have noticed that this is the first time I have done SSC posts on back-to-back weeks, which means that there is something really special in store.

We’re starting an Eight Week Challenge! For the low, low… LOW price of eight overshares, you’ll get a lovely group of drill sergeants, cheerleaders, and shoulders-to-cry-on to carry you to your next fitness goal. Tony Horton has nothing on this deal. COMMIT NOW or forever hold your peace.


Here are the rules: tell us about a (challenging) fitness goal you want to reach in the next 8 weeks and a little bit on how you plan on reaching it. Lose x fat percentage, gain muscle, beat 3,000 straight push-ups (I kid, keep it realistic folks), hold a penguin pose for 30 seconds, or drop 2 inches from your waistline, are examples.

You’re expected to update us on progress weekly. We’ll be keeping an eye on you – the price of disappearance is high and I can’t guarantee that you won’t be hunted down.

Here are my goals:

  • Since consistency is a major problem, I commit to vigorously exercise at least five days a week.
  • Other goals:
  • 1 Coca-cola/day (I drink Coke like you people drink coffee) without rollovers
  • 2 vegetarian days a week
  • Restart my 10K training…and keep at it for all 8 weeks.

Your turn, partner…

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