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The Only Weight Training Supplements You Need

Have you ever been to a GNC or The Vitamin Store?  It is bewildering the volume and variety of weight training nutritional supplements available.  Ditto if you’ve ever read a fitness or weight training magazine.  Everyone has this product or that product they insist will give you amazing gains, deep cuts, and noticeable results in just (insert unrealistic time frame).

I’m here to tell you that, after 20 years of weight training, I’ve come to a conclusion:  there’s not very much out there that’s worth spending your hard earned money on. The majority of it is just bunk.  Some of it might work, but the effect is so minor as to not be worth it for the amateur weight trainer or fitness enthusiast.  If you were an Olympic athlete competing in events where fractions of a second can mean the difference between a Wheaties contract or four more years of anonymous high altitude training in Denver, then sure, go spend the money on anything that will give you even the slightest edge.  I’m pretty sure Michael Phelps doesn’t have an Intense Debate account, so I’m not going there.

For the rest of us who just want to be a little stronger, a little bigger, maybe a little more lean, here’s the supplements I recommend, because they’ve produced tangible, noticeable results for me. Continue reading