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This Is Why You’re Still Fat

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how frustrating it is to hear the simplistic ‘eat less, exercise more’ advice. Your personal experience flies in the face of this seemingly straightforward equation. Certainly in a vacuum, eating less and exercising more works. However, our bodies are an open, interactive systems, and rarely cooperate with simple math. Continue reading

Super Squats Club: Eight Week Challenge

You may have noticed that this is the first time I have done SSC posts on back-to-back weeks, which means that there is something really special in store.

We’re starting an Eight Week Challenge! For the low, low… LOW price of eight overshares, you’ll get a lovely group of drill sergeants, cheerleaders, and shoulders-to-cry-on to carry you to your next fitness goal. Tony Horton has nothing on this deal. COMMIT NOW or forever hold your peace.


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