Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

¡Buenas días, chicos! Here are another five videos for your booty-shaking workouts. This week we’re going to float you some songs for your zumba routine, perfect for toning up and brushing up on your Spanish. Because we’re all about multi-tasking at Crassercise. So let’s get to it while YouTube hasn’t monetized this column out of existence. Also, as always please post your own favorite gym songs. People want your recommendations! ¡Muévanse!

Latin Bitman (feat. Ana Tijoux) – Insomnio

Bang Data (feat. Eva Ayllón) – Toro Mata

Toy Selectah – Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit

Cuarto Poder – Solo Tú Tienes La Llave

Café Quijano – La Lola

(Bonus track because, Celia Cruz!!)
La Vida Es Un Carnaval

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