Super Squats Challenge

When I started this year’s challenge, life was cruising along just fine. I had it set that I would do a Super Squats post every Wednesday to guide other eager participants through the first six months of the year with a series of core exercises evolving from the plank position. Then life happened. I suffered a terrible and sudden death in my family that threw everything into chaos where it largely remains three weeks later. I have difficulty expressing myself with more frequency and my inability to find laughter in normally humorous things is troubling (though some would argue that I have always struggled with humor). The odd thing is that when trapped in the sad house, surrounded by the stunned and grieving family and friends, my sister and I were able to do one thing to help keep our sanity – we did plank.

There is a lot of sitting during the mourning process – sitting and eating. The Jewish faith actually refers to the process as “sitting Shiva”. For those who like to be more active, not exercising is just one more thing to throw your body and brain off kilter. Though the altered schedule often wears down your body and energy level, exercise can help because it reminds your body of its routine, while also releasing those wonderful, feel-good endorphins that we need to balance the overwhelming heaviness of grief. So my sister and I would hit the living room floor and do plank for a minute at time, for three repetitions. It was a bonding experience for us and something to take our mind off of our immediate circumstances. If we can do it, so can you.

Anyway, I’m out of words so I will leave you with Daniel Sunjata and Cheryl Burke for inspiration.


Cheryl Burke


  • BREATHE! In through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Do it in front of a mirror so you can be sure you are properly aligned. Your butt should not be up in the air, creating a triangle look.
  • Look about three inches in front of your hands.
  • Try to keep your belly button close to your spine.

**Consult a physician, physical therapist or trainer before starting this exercise.**

Top image source. Daniel Sunjata image Cheryl Burke image

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