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Jan Berenstain, Co-creator of Berenstain Bears Dies

Janice “Jan” Berenstain died this past Friday after a severe stroke on Thursday.

Jan along with her husband Stan, created a book series for pre-schoolers over a period of 50 years. Jan and Stan met when they were 18 on their first day of art school.  They married years later after Stan returned from a stint in the army as a medical illustrator in an army hospital.  During that time, Jan worked as a draftsman in the Army Corp of Engineers and a riveter of seaplanes. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Recap: 18 Miles From Nowhere

Thump, thump, tha-thump. Thump, thump, tha-thump. Yes, this is the way this episode opens, with the tenor of a heartbeat. We see both Rick and Shane scrambling to get away from another horde of zombies, but this time that Randall kid is with them. They’re where? At another school? Another deserted waylaid outpost? The zombies are catching up to Shane and he takes shelter in an abandoned school bus. Continue reading

Monday Political Sausage

As many of you know, there is a Crasstalk Politics Team that regularly discusses the issues of the day. One of our favorite pastimes is passing around links from the various sites we read on a regular basis. To encourage participation, I’m starting a new series called “Political Sausage” (so named because it’s made up of links, and seeing politics get made isn’t pretty), in which I will gather what I feel are the most entertaining or thought provoking links from around the web and share them with all of you. I encourage discussion, and hope all of you will post your own links as well. Continue reading

March Madness – Divas Edition

Hello all, and greetings from down under. Every year around this time I feel a bit bored and listless. At first I wonder if it’s the weather, or the fact that I haven’t had a proper “Spring Break” in years. Then I realize that it’s March Madness, which turns everyone around me into basketball watching cast members of the Living Dead.

I could give a shit about March Madness, basketball players are too gangly and awkward looking to be cute anyway. To entertain myself (and those of you like me) I have instead organised my very own Sweet 16. Each day – or when I get a chance to put together the next post – we will have a face-off until the Queen of the Divas reigns over all – Sophie’s Choice! Continue reading

Riding a Motorcycle Makes You Smarter, Not Just Sexier

I ride my motorcycle to work nearly every day. I have two main reasons for doing so: I can ride in the HOV lane (a major convenience here in the ATL) and because it’s just fun. Turns out I also may be turning into an evil genius with a dangerous amount of mental processing power. Researchers found that motorcycling doesn’t just make you more attractive, but also actually smarterContinue reading

Collected Santorum Dribblings: Volume Two

Hey there happy campers, it’s time for round two of The Santorum Slide, a panty-wrecking skidmark from the likely Republican nominee.

As Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich torpedoes his own campaign, and Willard Milton “Mittens” Romney throws his chance to be the Republican nominee down the well, it appears that Richard John Santorum is leaving a slick brown trail everywhere he goes.

Rick has been busy of late! As mentioned recently around here, Santorum’s SuperPac spent about five hundred thousand dollars to sponsor Tony Raines in Sunday’s race in Daytona. That’s a lot of adult diapers, Rick.

Of course Ricky can’t miss an opportunity for a pull quote, and here’s his slippery words for this event: “I like how Tony Raines turned some heads last weekend with his qualifying run and we’d like to keep turning heads too. I think we’re both looking for a win in the end.” Yep, everybody is sure Santorum wants a “win” in “the end.” Take that as you will. We will be turning our heads in any direction but Ricky’s. Continue reading

Baldwin’s NBA Half Season Report: The East Edition

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Eastern Conference half of the half-season NBA review. The Western Conference part can be found here and I must say that the last week’s results have only solidified the opinions I gave on the West. Especially Spurs over Clippers and the two big wins for Golden State over quality opposition. Continue reading