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The Crasstalk Halloween Pet Costume Contest

It’s Halloween and for pet-owners, that sometimes means dressing up your little creature like a different little creature. My very first Halloween with Macho, my chihuahua, I took him around the block and told kids that asked where his costume was that he was actually a German Shepard dressed up as a chihuahua.

Last year, I dressed him up as a pumpkin and I don’t think he’s ever forgiven me.

This year he’s rockin’ a wizard hat and cape. He hates it like fire.

But the question, dear Crasstalkers and fellow-pet-antagonizers, is what are your pets going to be for Halloween? And to answer that question, let me introduce the very first Crasstalk Halloween Pet Costume Contest. The prize will be glory and internet fame. Continue reading

Ten Tunes for Halloween: The Most Metal Holiday Ever

You know how Christian fundamentalists are always going on about how Halloween is an evil pagan holiday that glorifies Satan and tempts children toward the path of eternal damnation? The usual response from, you know, normal people is to be like “chill out, it’s just an excuse for kids to dress up and extort some candy from old people.” But my questions is: why would you want to deny Halloween’s badass nature? I mean, sure, we have a day honoring zombie resurrection, and a day that celebrates slaughtering a bunch of people and taking their land. But Halloween is the only holiday that’s based on an ancient festival named after Glenn Danzig’s second-coolest band and that encourages girls to dress up like slutty witches (who, as we know, were all about kinky devil sex). So the fundamentalists are actually right on this one: Halloween is evil, Satanic, and totally freaking awesome. Show our religious friends you agree by blasting these songs as loud as you can, preferably near a church.
Continue reading

A Tragedy of Epic Proportions: Kim Kardashian Filing for Divorce

I know! You are just as shocked as me. If these two slightly attractive, spunky kids can’t make their marriage work, CAN ANYONE?

First reported by TMZ, and now confirmed by Ryan Seacrest via Twitter, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce from her husband of just a few months, NBA basketball player Kris Humphries. TMZ reports that it might have had something to do with Kim not wanting to live in Minnesota. Can you blame the girl? (Don’t hit me, ginger!) Continue reading