Monday News Roundup

Good morning and happy Monday gang! Hope you are having a good devil day. Let’s see what’s up.

  • If you live in the northeastern US you already know there was an early snowstorm this weekend. At least six people were killed and thousands lost power. It is going to be a long winter.
  • The Arab League submitted a proposal to Syria’s government to open talks between the Assad regime and opposition representatives. The League is trying to put an end to attacks on civilians seeking greater civil and political rights. Meanwhile Assad warned toe West to stay out of Syrian affairs.
  • Copyright troll Righthaven is about to have its remaining assets seized by creditors. The firm, which filed 275 copyright infringement suits against small blogs, lost several large judgements, throwing it into debt. The cases filed by Righthaven were considered by many to be a sham because Righthaven was not the actual copyright holder of the material it was suing over.
  • Police used tear gas and pepper spray on Occupy Denver protests this weekend. 35 arrests were made and several protesters were injured as tensions continued to increase between cops and demonstrators. U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO7) Attended a march by protesters on Sunday in an effort to appeal for calm.

Also, this guy is way to into Halloween.

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