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QOTD: What was your favorite song from 2013?

2013 really just feels like it was yesterday. So much so that the songs at the end of the year Billboard Top 100 are some of my go-to songs for the jukebox when I go to the bar.

JT put out his sorta double album that year, Drake had 4 singles in the Top 50 and “What the Fox Say?” inspired SNL bits and Halloween costumes that year. Continue reading

Song Lyrics that Are Factually Incorrect

factsSometimes you’re sitting there singing along with that song you’ve had a million times and then you stop and say to yourself, “hey, wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense and is actually wrong.” Well those lyricists out there sometimes just jam words together, don’t actually know what they’re talking about or change reality to fit their rhymes.

Here are just a few songs that have lyrics that are factually incorrect. Continue reading