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“Intro To Felt Surrogacy” Community Season 4 Episode 9 Live Blog

Not A PuppetIn tonight’s episode, the Greendale Seven have become puppets and befriend a wild mountain man who looks vaguely like the mean guy from Pretty Woman and/or the insecure crazy neurotic bald guy from the show about nothing.

I thought that last weeks episode was entertaining. I did not know who Sophie B. Hawkins was till she started singing and then it was “oh right, I’ve heard of her.” This in a way partially explains why I suck at music trivia or “Guess That Tune.” Even the Abed story was fun although I have to admit that the preacher’s daughter and the quirky weirdo were quite over the top thus making the character played by Brie Larson (who many of you know from “The United States of Tara” and who I know from “The League” as the Golden Gate loving “Ohhhhhh! Pair!”) as the best choice of the three. Brie returns tonight. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Finale Liveblog

It’s finally, actually, really, truly here, kittens! The Project Runway Season 10 Finale! Unlike last week, in which there were no surprises, no one got sent home, no one was told that they suck and should never touch fabric ever again–not that anybody watched (at least, not me), because everyone was busy watching Uncle Joe Biden slap douchey P90x VP candidate Paul Ryan upside the head.
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Project Runway Season 10 Episode 4 Liveblog

There are no words in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men to describe the horror that is Kenley

Well, darlings, we’re back for another week of Let’s Make a Pretty Dress! Kenley won’t be around this week to be horrible, but I’m sure that Gunnar Deathstar and Annoying Christopher will more than take up the slack. Join us as we drink and snark!

Last week, we said auf widersehen to Raoul (aka Ugly A-Trak). Will we miss him? Probably not. I had to find last week’s liveblog because I couldn’t remember who got booted. Oh, and last week’s episode ended like that awesome Star Trek: TNG two parter where Picard was turned into a Borg and Riker had to make a life-or-death decision…except in this case, Andrea is gone! Where is Andrea? Dun-dun-DUNNNN! Continue reading

Liveblogging “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”

Ready, set, victimize!

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s Lifetime, Television For Women giving us movies that seem to feature women in various kinds of peril. Take a look at their Saturday or Sunday schedule. It’s full of movies like “Date With Darkness” or “The Craigslist Killer.” Basically, the Ladyparts Network has become the Law and Order: Special Victimized Women’s Unit. How fortuitous that murdering douchebag Drew Peterson was able to give this network ample fodder for a “world” premiere movie. Even more fortuitous is that Rob Lowe (yes, that Rob Lowe) and that girl from “The Big Bang Theory” (no, not Blossom) are in this soon-to-be classic exploration of bad moviemaking! Huzzah! Continue reading

Top Chef Live Blog: Just Desserts Season Premiere

Who are the red hots for this year? Are you on Team Sad or Team Gay? Or must we make room for a new team altogether? It’s time, Crassholes, time to watch a whole new cast of pastry chefs become unhinged at the drop of a spatula. I hope you doubled your insulin tonight, Wilford Brimley, because this bitch is about to get sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Check out the contestant bios on Bravo’s site to make some snap judgments and rate who you think is the cutest (I’ll take a slice of Nelson Paz, thankyewverymuch). Picture of him after the jump. My snap judgment crush may change. Okay, are you ready? I’m ready. Pour yourself a drink–something sweet, natch. Continue reading