“Intro To Felt Surrogacy” Community Season 4 Episode 9 Live Blog

Not A PuppetIn tonight’s episode, the Greendale Seven have become puppets and befriend a wild mountain man who looks vaguely like the mean guy from Pretty Woman and/or the insecure crazy neurotic bald guy from the show about nothing.

I thought that last weeks episode was entertaining. I did not know who Sophie B. Hawkins was till she started singing and then it was “oh right, I’ve heard of her.” This in a way partially explains why I suck at music trivia or “Guess That Tune.” Even the Abed story was fun although I have to admit that the preacher’s daughter and the quirky weirdo were quite over the top thus making the character played by Brie Larson (who many of you know from “The United States of Tara” and who I know from “The League” as the Golden Gate loving “Ohhhhhh! Pair!”) as the best choice of the three. Brie returns tonight.

So, let’s do some serious deaning.

Image: Flickr

8:02 Puppet Jeff with a whip is creepy and amusing.

8:05 Abed is Brown Guy Smiley, Jeff is White Guy Smiley, Troy is Ernie and Pierce reminds of Stadler.

8:08 The Muppets Take Greendale?

8:15 George!

8:16 Is that his voice?

8:18 Shirley the bad mom!

8:19 Awwwkward.

8:22 Britta’s holding, no shock.

8:24 Oh Annie.  I’d rub Annies feet for free.  ETA, in a totally not creepy way.

8:25 I’m “shocked” that Pierce only dry humped Eartha.

8:30 I seem to fuck up assuming that guest stars would appear.

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