“Advanced Introduction to Finality” Community Season 4 Episode 13 Liveblog

Thanks to a new job, I didn’t have the energy to write up any posts for the past two weeks so here I am for the season (or series) finale.

It has been a roller coaster ride that has more dips than rises. Since the loss of creative force Dan Harmon, Community Season 4 has split fans into those who don’t mind it and those who hate it as the Britta of Seasons. Right now, the show is in limbo as it’s fate is to be decided by the, ahem, brain trust of NBC which has returned to being the horrible network of my childhood (Supertrain? Manimal?)

I have to admit that I didn’t mind the season as it went along.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as horrible as the first episode of the season which I thought was the worst Community episode ever.  Now we discover the fate of the Greendale Seven (although we know that if Community does return that Chevy Chase (the Catalyst for this mess) will not be returning.) To be honest, I was looking for anything that the writers of Community would have done to make Pierce more racist (which was supposed to be why Chevy dropped the N-word on set due to his anger over being more racist) and I haven’t seen anything that has.

Image: Wikimedia

8:00 Jeff makes a deal with the devil.

8:05 The evil Die!

8:06 Terminator Winger

8:12 Evil Jeff turns Annie

8:14 Jeff just blued Abed

8:16 Wow!

8:18 The Evil Timeline is back.  All we need is Inspector Spacetime.

8:23 Martrix’ed?

8:26 So long Community

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