Project Runway Season 10 Finale Liveblog

It’s finally, actually, really, truly here, kittens! The Project Runway Season 10 Finale! Unlike last week, in which there were no surprises, no one got sent home, no one was told that they suck and should never touch fabric ever again–not that anybody watched (at least, not me), because everyone was busy watching Uncle Joe Biden slap douchey P90x VP candidate Paul Ryan upside the head.

So, we apparently have four designers vying for the crap-ton of prizes: Sad Christopher, Fashion Snape, Fabio, and Melissa. Are we excited about any of these people? Oh, just give it to Dmitry, already. Well, let’s all gather ’round our televisions and computer screens, hoist our drinks to our thirsty throats, and mock this rather tepid season of Project Runway in the comments!

Photo from The Denver Post

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