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Project Runway All Stars Season One – Rooty Tooty Fresh And Fruity

Fresh from her glitter shower, Ke$ha totters onto the runway and informs the remaining sewtestants this week’s challenge is inspired by gelato – the colors and the flavors. Each designer chooses a flavor and then picks the next designer. Kara is picked last and she is left with “Chock-laat with Kye-in Peppahh” and of course she’s not happy with it. Michael is no longer The Victim, now Kara Janx is the victim. So it has been said, so it has been done. DVF styles herself out onto the runway and tells the sewtestants they have six hours to make a garment to impress her. Somewhere offstage, RuPaul can be heard saying “And Don’t Fuck It Up!”

You know there’s spoilers up in here, so don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled! Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Season One: Meet The Designers

Hey kids, shake it loose together for this Thursday’s premiere episode of Project Runway All Stars. This collection of has-beens and also-rans and fan favorites is coming to the Lifetime Lady Parts Network at 9 eastern / 8 central time. Set your DVRs to “ignunt” and prepare yourselves for the spectacle. Continue reading

Top Chef Live Blog: Just Desserts Season Premiere

Who are the red hots for this year? Are you on Team Sad or Team Gay? Or must we make room for a new team altogether? It’s time, Crassholes, time to watch a whole new cast of pastry chefs become unhinged at the drop of a spatula. I hope you doubled your insulin tonight, Wilford Brimley, because this bitch is about to get sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Check out the contestant bios on Bravo’s site to make some snap judgments and rate who you think is the cutest (I’ll take a slice of Nelson Paz, thankyewverymuch). Picture of him after the jump. My snap judgment crush may change. Okay, are you ready? I’m ready. Pour yourself a drink–something sweet, natch. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 9 Recap: Girls On Stilts

Wasn’t it just a moment ago that Bryce was spared and Non-Gay Mormon Josh was sent packing? It seems like no time has passed at all and yet once again, Project Runway appears in homes, apartments, and gay bars across the land.

Ready to titillate, shock and confuse you are Heidi “Think Big, Really Big” Klum, Nina “It’s Terrible” Garcia, and Michael “Drama Doesn’t Mean Tacky” Kors. As always, there are spoilers inside, so click at your own peril. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 9: Blood on the Runway

My little chickens, are we really back here again? How quickly the time flies from season to season. It seems like just yesterday that Mondo was robbed. Ah well. The pen, having written, moves on, and so do we. On the other hand, Miss Heidi cashed her check from the Lady Parts Network so she’s ready to crank up this production and watch the bodies fall. As always, recaps are chock full O spoilers, so read at your own peril.

Are we really “going to shake things up” again, just like we did last season? Well, not exactly like last season. This time Heidi exhibits serious Schadenfreude Face as she tells us that 20 designers were invited, 16 move to Atlas and 4 are eliminated before the first challenge. Continue reading