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Give me a day in bed with gummy colas, beef jerky and Chex Mix and I'm a happy gurl. I love puppy dog licks and the way my hair looks at the beach. I dislike loud sneezing and dirty bathrooms. I dream of one day running away and joining a rock band or to work as a carny.

E-Cigarette Etiquette and Regulation – How Far Should It Go?

I have recently started the process of trying to quit smoking. My doctor has recommended that using the e- cigarette may be an effective way to wean myself off of my 22 year nicotine addiction and cigarette habit. So far, so good. However, I feel a bit awkward about e -cigarette etiquette and where the line of regulation should be drawn. Apparently, several states and cities in the country are starting to feel the same way. Continue reading

Check Your Bank Account – You too Can Be a Victim of ATM Fraud

atmskimmerOn Wednesday morning last week, I went to the 7-11 to buy cigarettes and a Diet Coke. I never carry cash so when I swiped my debit card, I was shocked when it said “Declined.”

Immediately, I went on line and checked out my bank statement. I had several charges that I did not make. I belong to a credit union that is very particular about the charges I make, and they noticed they were all on-line; not my normal pattern. So they shut the card down. Continue reading

A Guide for How to Age Gracefully

We all are getting older each day we roam this earth. Some of us faster than others. Some of us encounter, health issues beyond our control and some of us will face tragedies that will tax our emotional well-being. However, if we can avoid those misfortunes, many of us can find ways to age gracefully, healthfully and energetically. For those of you that have faced misfortune, we prayerfully stand next to you. Please take this post in jest.

I was always a naturally thin person that could eat a double scoop of ice cream cone at 1 AM without a second thought. My mother is 62 and looks 40. At the exact age of 41, said ice cream cone went straight to my ass and under my chin. I didn’t bounce back from a night of balls-to-the-wall drinking at age 35. And most recently, eating sushi puts bags under my eyes. Riding the motorcycle makes my joints ache. Continue reading

Booze Review: Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Corner-Creek-ReserveSo by now, you all know that I love booze. I’ll really drink most liquor. I’ll draw the line at the flavored shit though.

My first love is bourbon. It was introduced to me during my days of bartending at of all places TGIFridays. So yeah, I went there. I got fired from my quirky, small town bar because the owner was a freaking coke-head maniac (he ended up firing me 5 times) and I needed work. Part of my flaired fueled conditional employment was having a liquor salesmen come in before our shifts and educate us on types of liquor so we could better sell their brands. So okay, I’ll sport Flair for a 10 am Bourbon tasting. Continue reading

Summer Reads: Smutty Celebrity Biographies for the Beach and Poolside

I adore a juicy read in the summer. I like to dumb it down a bit as well. It’s just too hot for me to get into the heavy stuff and magazines have less and less content these days. Plus, it’s harder to digest hard words when you’ve had a few cocktails. Therefore I choose this time to delve into several biographies/autobiographies that have been gleefully gossipy page turners. Here are some good ones that I recommend for your beach or poolside reading. Continue reading

Booze Review: Espolón Tequila Reposado

tequilaTo say I feel strongly about Tequila is an understatement. What does Tequila mean to me? Special occasions. It means sipping a very expensive Don Julio, Reposado of course, listening to great tunes, eating local guac and ceviche on vacation. Expensive and rare.

I’ll admit something to you all. I’m a “Woo-Hoo” girl. And cheap Tequila makes me “Woo-Hoo.” It also “makes my clothes come off.” In fact, Baltimore has seen more than one of my raggedy, so called cute bras on many dumb occasions. Stop it, don’t judge, you’ve done it…right? And good lord did I need to stop hugging all the new best friends I met while enjoying the dirtiest nectar of all the gods. Continue reading

My Celebrity Crushes Get Me Through the Day

Archer_2010_IntertitleDo you get celebrity crushes? I do. I love my celebrity crush for anywhere from one to six months and we have the steamiest, sometimes romantic interactions… in my mind. Then one day, they either wear an ugly shirt, tweet something stupid or I just grow bored with them and break up with them. Very dramatically of course… in my mind. Continue reading

Booze Review: Tito’s Vodka

TitosVodkaI admit it, I’m a vodka snob. Not because I have such discerning tastes, but because I hate a hangover, and I like to drink a lot of vodka. Nothing better to me than a (or some) nice, crisp, straight up, vodka martini just a little dry. Must have three olives, an even amount is bad luck, you know. (Learned that one from an old time bartender friend, who served them when it was still okay to have martini working lunches.)

To me, the vodka cannot taste too starchy or sting like rubbing alcohol when it touches my lips. Obviously, as a martini drinker, I like a vodka that I can drink straight. I find the starchier and less smooth the vodka, the greater the hangover. Continue reading

“Girls” is the Voice of My Twenties

I usually don’t drink on Monday nights, but this week’s episode of Girls had me breaking out the only thing I had in the house: Sake. It was necessary. Graphic bukkake and punctured eardrums were only a mere taste of what made this episode so down-to-the-pit-of-my-stomach disturbing. But I don’t mean that in a bad way — I loved the episode. After all, I intimately know each and every one of these grotesque characters. I have been them all in one way or another when I was in my 20s. Don’t lie and say you haven’t been one of them either, at least a little bit.

This is why I am infatuated with Girls and am sad there is only one episode left.

I’m looking at this show through the eyes of a 42-year-old woman. And a lot has changed since my 20s, but reflecting back I remember the intense highs and lows, all the feelings and the need to find my “voice” and the “meaning” in just about everything. There’s the of finding the “one”, the acceptance of bad behaviors in friends, lovers and myself, the awkward sex, the power-shifts in friendships and relationships, the knowing everything, the knowing nothing, the million and one spiritual journeys, the hating and needing my parents and the true belief that I was the special-est snowflake in the whole universe.

I also remember it being a great time and experiencing some of the best moments of my life. Late night talks were everything and I was never more daring and open. Continue reading

Tools and Ideas to Make Giving Easier and More Effective

I complain an awful lot, but I do have much to be grateful for in my life. And though I’ve been cranky for a good part of the year, there has been one thing that has worked to pull me out of my funk and make me count my blessings. That is charity work and giving. But choosing a charity to give my hard earned dollars and efforts has at times made me just downright Grinchy.

My husband belongs to a motorcycle club that supported, for many years, a fundraising event called Ride Across Maryland, which raised money for various charity organizations dedicated to research, awareness, treatment, education, etc. for the cause of breast cancer. The club in its final year of taking part of the event raised almost $40,000. Continue reading