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Why Men Doing “Women’s Work” Is a Good Thing

Recent labor reports indicate that men are doing “women’s work.” More men are cropping up in ‘pink collar’ jobs. At first glance one could presume that traditionally ‘pink’ jobs (i.e., health care, home care, etc.) are a growing field and that is where the jobs are. But a little more digging indicates that there is something larger afoot.

There was a time that the crassness of the business world or the filth of the industrial world was just too horrible for women to endure. If she were to work, it should be in jobs that weren’t too taxing to her delicate sensibilities (you know, like caring for people in the throws of debilitating disease.) She should not have to dirty her hands in factories or investment banking, but instead stay unsullied wiping both ends of children. Continue reading

Study Says Guys Named Todd Always Get Promotions

Yep, you knew it. You’ll never get ahead because brown nosing, fantastic dickwad, Todd, has been given the gift of irreparable, yet disgustingly buoyant, job affinity, all with a miraculous amount of perseverance and persuasive inner manna that tells all superiors who encounter him that they should “Like the cut of his jib” and that “Todd is really going places.” Fucking Todd. Continue reading