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The Hobbyist: An Introduction

One of my earliest memories is staying up late with my mom in our dining room building a model of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-A, in case you’re wondering). Well, to be precise, I was watching and she was building at my behest. Although I eventually grew out of building starships in favor of more social activities, about six years ago I found my way back into the hobbyist world. Now I do some things half-assed, but when it comes to making models, I’m serious business.

I’ve decided to share my knowledge, gained through grime, sweat, tears, and blood, in the hopes of inspiring others to take up this most noble of pursuits. This will be a multi-part series, covering tools, materials, techniques, and whatever else seems interesting.

Welcome to my world. I am… THE HOBBYIST. Continue reading

Google Glass Is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Ever

Above is the video from Diane von Furstenberg’s runway show during New York Fashion Week, created with Google’s Google Glass glasses (goggles?). Shot entirely by amateurs – the amateur cinematographers being models, makeup artists, and Diane von Furstenberg herself wearing Google Glass and going about their business, the DVF video gives us the first look at Google Glass in action. Continue reading

Cannes Report: Seen and Heard at Mid-Fest

In addition to all the highly anticipated films premiering at Cannes this week, Hollywood is out in full-force, plugging films, doing interviews, — either making this all look easy, or baffling us with their red carpet, or as the French would say Croisette, statements. No matter where that carpet is rolled out, there’s sure to be glitz, glamor, and gossip.

Let’s see what news and appearances have taken Cannes by storm. Continue reading