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Is Channing Tatum the Modern Day Marilyn Monroe?

Today marks the release of Magic Mike, the big, whopping, man-o-sex, pulsing abs and buttock show that promises to be a thing of sensational acting and even better lookee-loo eyeball cocaine. Ok. Maybe not quite the first thing, even though the movie’s racked up a Stripper Candy Spectacular 79% on the tomatometer. So this may mean something not terrible for walking butter stick, Channing Tatum, right? Apparently. Continue reading

Affordable Health COW

Happy Friday, Crasstalkers! Here’s your weekly PSA once again. Pay very close attention, Buick. Sound out each word. If you’d like to nominate a comment or comments for Comment of the Week (COW), please take a screenshot and send it to your gworl: crasstalkcow at gmail. If it’s multiple comments, it’s okay to just screenshot the first couple, but — say it with me now — always remember to tell me what post or OT the comment(s) came from! Okay, do we all feel refreshed? Like we just douched with lemon juice and broken glass? Yeah. Hit the jump for my recap of the week’s posts and your Comment of the Week. Continue reading