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Satan Loose in Texas, According to Pants-Crappingly Frightened Republicans on Twitter

According to frightened poopy-diapered babies Texas Republicans, protestors demonstrating against recent outbreaks of batshittery in the Texas Legislature began chanting “Hail Satan” this week, prompting a rash of right wing fantods, fainting spells, and Twitter meltdowns. Reports from the scene are somewhat confused, because apparently Twitter is what we have now instead of journalism. Continue reading

Women Believe All of Satan’s Lies

Occasionally, I listen to Focus on the Family’s radio station when I’m afraid of nodding off in the car. It always wakes me up. One of my favorite Focus Friends™ is Nancy Leigh Demoss. Her “Revive Our Hearts” ministry is some of the most fascinating radio around. The ministry is targeted towards women and she also writes books. Her approach to womanhood is refreshing in a world where women are being selfish because of Satan. Nancy believes that women are being influenced to abandon their traditional roles. Her book “Lies Women Believe” is a favorite among bible study groups. Women are exposed to many, many lies by the media and Satan is in charge of many of these lies. She is fond of saying things like “When you recognize that you’re exchanging or blurring your distinct feminine design, role, or calling—repent.” Continue reading

Woman Power, Girl Power, and How Truly Embarrassed I am by the Whole Thing

If you happen to be an individual in possession of two X chromosomes, a functioning e-mail account, and at least a few female relatives, friends, acquaintances, or co-workers, odds are that at some point in the last ten years you have a received a forwarded missive something similar to one I have simulated for you, below.

“Subject Line:  Forward this to 10 Awesome, Amazing Women in Your Life Right Now!!!! Continue reading