Women Believe All of Satan’s Lies

Occasionally, I listen to Focus on the Family’s radio station when I’m afraid of nodding off in the car. It always wakes me up. One of my favorite Focus Friends™ is Nancy Leigh Demoss. Her “Revive Our Hearts” ministry is some of the most fascinating radio around. The ministry is targeted towards women and she also writes books. Her approach to womanhood is refreshing in a world where women are being selfish because of Satan. Nancy believes that women are being influenced to abandon their traditional roles. Her book “Lies Women Believe” is a favorite among bible study groups. Women are exposed to many, many lies by the media and Satan is in charge of many of these lies. She is fond of saying things like “When you recognize that you’re exchanging or blurring your distinct feminine design, role, or calling—repent.”

Before you can repent, it’s important to know what you’re doing wrong. Here are some common lies from Satan that may make you abandon your womanly calling:

  • If I submit to my husband, I will be miserable.
  • A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.
  • Marriage should be a democracy. Equal say. Equal rule.
  • If my husband doesn’t  love and respect me, I have the right to leave him.

If any of them ring true for you, your soul is in a world of trouble. These are lies that are directly whispered to women by none other than Satan himself. Fortunately, Nancy identifies scriptures that will help you:

  • The husband is the head of the wife (Eph. 5:23).
  • The wife is to reverence and submit to her husband (Eph. 5:23, 33)
  • In the will of God, there is no higher, holier calling than to be a wife and mother (Titus 2:4-5).
  • It is more important that I be holy than that I be happy. (Eph. 5:26-27).

There are radio broadcasts, blogs, discussions and a variety of other inspiration tools. One reader asked “How do I approach my husband when we don’t agree?” An answer came straight from  headquarters: “Be sure your desire to confront stems from the motive of spiritual restoration for your husband—not in order to “fix things“ more to your liking.”

Here are some other quotes of note:

  • “A virtuous woman is willing to stand in the background and let her husband bet the one who is respected.”
  • “A clean home brings glory to the savior.”
  • “If you have time to talk on the phone, you’re probably neglecting your womanly duties.”
  • “You should identify ways to help your husband but do not nag him.”
  • “In the sixties and seventies, rejection of traditional roles for women and mischaracterization of the family structure as a repressive institution—combined with a general hostility against the male gender—contributed to a distorted view of womanhood.”

You may be wondering how Nancy has time to keep up a home, children and a husband who must be constantly encouraging. Actually, she’s not married but don’t read that as a sign that careers are a viable alternative to marriage for women. She’s written 14 books and has a busy speaking and radio career, but that doesn’t mean women should have aspirations outside of the house. Nancy is doing this for God, not for herself.

She also provides extensive advice for those who need a quick salvation fix. If you are sliding straight for Satan, there are blog entries on how to check yourself:

  • How to Control Your Tongue includes advice on how to avoid sinning with your tongue.
  • The True Woman Makeover which includes many, many discussions about not tempting men to sin through immodest dress.
  • Delighting in Your Children  which helps you focus on loving your children and husband more than friends, interests, hobbies or work.
  • Making Your Husband a Priority which features the quote “I wish young women knew how to reverence and adore their husbands, to protect their reputations, and to affirm them in public. Men blossom when you do that.”

She has a 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge . I have decided to follow it and take copious notes. This sort of thing is right up my husband’s alley. I plan to develop a laser-like focus on discussing our relationship. What man doesn’t want that?

Image courtesy of ReviveOurHearts.com

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