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Open Caption: Huntsmentum

A Scene from Whoville

Today Rachel Maddow tweeted something about “Feel the Huntsmentum!” and it left me wondering: If Huntsman only had one moment to say anything, surely that moment is now. What would that something be? What should that something be?

“Don’t anybody move! I’ve lost my contact lens!” Continue reading

Open Caption: Dinner For Schmucks Edition

Mittens Talking Over People

So it’s really easy to find photos of these people. They have a ton of them over at Honestly I’m just there for the pictures. I read the articles about as much as anyone ever reads them in Maxim or some other quality publication. So let’s talk turkey: What do you think is going on in the picture above? Is Mittens explaining his interpretation of Joseph Smith’s “Word of Wisdom” where he exhorts the faithful from partaking in “Hot Drinks”, which the LDS church interprets to mean “No Coffee and No Tea?” (Note the carafe in the picture, sitting there – mocking him in silence). Continue reading

Open Caption: Ebony and Ivory Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve poked fun at a GOP Presidential Candidate photo. This image is stuffed with possibility as tightly as Newt is packed into that suit. Tight like Mrs. Cain holding her fingers to her ears when you try to explain to her what “Running Game” and “Fronting” mean. You guys know the rules: There aren’t any rules, just don’t not be funny.

Open Caption: A Very She & Him Christmas

Pitchfork revealed the cover art for A Very She & Him Christmas yesterday. The image–shot by Autumn de Wilde–seems to be crying out for a caption. Pitchfork writer Amy Phillips asks, “Caption contest, anyone?” Amy, don’t mind if we do! A Very She & Him Christmas is out October 24th on Merge. So, Crassholes, take a look at the image after the jump and hit us with your best captions.

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