Crassercise: Five Songs For the Gym


Hola todos! Welcome to the inaugural edition of music suggestions for the gym. It’s a new year and a new fabulous you. Let’s celebrate by kicking out the tunes. Of course you are welcome to recommend the hot jamz you are listening to. In fact, I insist. I have my own taste in music and you have yours. I tend to go towards indie/hip hop/weird eclectic international stuff but I like a good song, so please share yours with us!

Some weeks, I’ll have a little bit of every kind of tempo, sometimes just one groove. It’s just going to be whatever I’m listening to, new or old. This week, I think we’ll focus on being on the elliptical. Let’s get down to bizness.

Battles – Atlas

Hollerado – Americanarama

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold

Jay-Z feat. Panjabi MC


(Image via Pixabay)


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