Dance Floor Games

13It’s time to present your new, dust off your old, and drag out your ancient. This here is the place for dance floor fillers.

Here are the rules, you get three shots, one song in the last decade or so (2000s to late 90s), one in the last 2 decades or so (Late 90s to 80s), and one any time before the first two categories (70s and before).

The songs have to be dance floor fillers, things that drag people off of their seats to get partying, or make people unconsciously start shaking their hips. None of this, “I don’t care what people say, nothing makes me dance harder than Jonathan Richman’s acoustic work.” Bullshit, it has to be inclusive, and it has to make you want to dance.  Safe genres to play around in are Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic, Pop, Disco, Funk / Soul, R&B, but don’t be scared, bonus points could be awarded for more out there genres,  like Tropicalia, or Dancehall.

Failure to conform to these rules will get your self what I like to call a “Hit The Pavement” or “Pavement” foul. Meaning, you have no right to be on the dance floor.

I’ll kick off proceedings with my three:

Thanks for playing.

13 by IX K, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  IX K 

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