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Meet Your Crassholes: EthologyNerd

EthologyNerd is brave. Really brave. Since she began commenting here, EN has entertained Crasstalk’s readers with tales of sex-capades gone awry, demonstrated a razor-sharp wit, and alerted the world to a concoction called “butt sauce.” She’s probably best known for her incredible candor. EthologyNerd has had the ladyballs to share her deeply personal stories with writing that is incontrovertibly graceful, eloquent, and funny as hell. She’s a swell chick. Continue reading

Interview with a Canadian, Eh?

In the spirit of international cooperation and diplomacy with our northern neighbors, yours truly ventured out into the wilderness and captured an actual Canadian. An actual Canadian Crasstalker, Internet alias HonkIfYouLikeCookies, rumoured (see what I did there?) to go by the name Susan. After having my way with her (it’s exactly what it sounds like), I asked her a few questions about her native land and people. Here’s what I found out about those crazy Canucks:

What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard an American say about Canada?

Other than the entire Talking To Americans mockumentary by Rick Mercer, the dumbest thing an American has ever asked me was if I took a dog sled to school. It was asked by someone from the deep south. Continue reading