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Could Horse Meat Disguised as Beef Be On Its Way to the U.S.?

With the news that the world’s best place to get trapped in a maze full of Swedish furniture constructed with wooden dowels and spirit gum, IKEA has suffered the indignity of having their famous meatballs tainted by horse hide. Oh, the shame of having one’s reheated frozen meatballs accursed by a non-beef product! America immediately wanted to know if their American IKEA Swedish meatballs were safe — well, as safe as a place that puts pink slime in their meat can be. Continue reading

Every Brown Boy

This post originally appeared on March 21, 2012. We are re-running it today on the anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin.

Last night, I put a fleece hoodie on my five year old nephew so we could go for our routine walk through the neighborhood. He likes going for our walks as much as I do. We race down the street – him burning off sugar energy before bed, me (hopefully) burning off belly-fat creating calories. As we walk/run our several blocks, sometimes, often times, he gets ahead of me then looks back, pleading for me to catch him. It’s when he is away from me that I feel the most fear.

He is a sweet boy. Very smart and observant. He can replicate dance moves that he sees on Glee, always wants to watch SpongeBob, and never misses the opportunity to flirt with a pretty girl. Last night, he made a derogatory racial gesture at the dinner table and I explained to him why it is not okay to do that. I explained that it hurts people’s feelings and that it’s not acceptable to hurt or be mean to other people. I demonstrated the point by asking him what color his skin is, to which he replied: brown. I asked him how he would feel if a classmate put dirt on his body and then pretended to be like my nephew. He said he wouldn’t like it. Continue reading

Why Consoles Are Killing Gaming

I’m a gamer. Unlike the vast majority of gamers, however, I game on a PC. I’ve been gaming on a PC for nearly 20 years. I’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars into gaming hardware over that span to run the latest releases at resolutions, framerates, and detail levels that would make your eyes bleed, and I’ve done it without a second’s hesitation; in fact, I usually do it with a smile.

So you’re going to have to trust me when I say that the consoles are killing gaming. Continue reading

History Class With Professor Botswana: Who Really Discovered America?

Welcome to History Class with Professor Botswana Meat Commission FC. Art Talk alone couldn’t satisfy my forbidden lust for knowledge, so I’m gonna be all up in the rest of the humanities now. And yes, Professor Botswana has tenure so get ready to have your dick tickled by my numerous learned historical theories and shit.

For this week’s History Class with Professor Botswana, we’re going to solve one of the New World’s most enduring mysteries — who really discovered America first?  Continue reading

Horrible Bosses: Marissa Mayer’s Ban on Telecommuting at Yahoo Won’t Work

Certainly, not-so-new Yahoo! chief Marissa Mayer is no stranger to popping up in the headlines. She made a name for herself in the tech world as Employee #20 at Google, then grabbed a lot of attention for her Killers-headlined wedding.

The move Mayer, who has been CEO at Yahoo! for less than a year now, made Friday to ban telecommuting at the old (in Internet years) web giant is the latest attention getter for the first-time CEO. And it’s a move that seems likely to ultimately backfire.  Continue reading

Snatch Game! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Episode 5

The queens all get a bit of a reality check from last week’s double elimination. “Ru is not playing the radio,” says Alyssa. Did I hear that right? Is that what she said? Is that even something people say? Whut? Anyway, before long Alyssa and Jade are sniping at one another, with Jade especially getting vicious. Yes, Alyssa said she thought Jade should go home, but Jade needs to learn how to modulate her response these situations a bit better. Learn how to cut someone down with a few well chosen words, rather than coming off like a shrill child who isn’t in control of her emotions. Anywhore, hit the jump for my full recap and the updated Drag Race Index. Continue reading