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The American Airlines Lifetime AAirpass Is Basically the Greatest Thing Ever

What’s the greatest single thing you could ever own? Normally I would say it’s either a  shark tank in your basement or a professional sports team, but that would be wrong. The best thing you could ever own is clearly the AAirpass, the legendary golden ticket issued by American Airlines that gives its holder lifetime free airfare anywhere in the world.

As the L.A. Times reported over the weekend, American Airlines created its amazing open-ended lifetime ticket back in 1981 as a way to raise capital amid high Reagan-era interest rates, but now AAirpass is losing millions of dollars a year and the airline is trying to boot some of the program’s most frequent fliers.  Continue reading

Maurice Sendak is a Salty Bastard

In honor of Maurice Sendak’s death this morning we’re re-publishing this post from January. R.I.P., Maurice.

If you missed The Colbert Report this week you didn’t see Stephen’s hilarious two-part interview with legendary children’s book author Maurice Sendak.

Sendak is a curmudgeon of nearly Slavoj Žižek-ian proportions, which made his sit-down with Colbert so perfect.  Continue reading

How to Make Your Searches Invisible to Websites

When you search for something and then click on a resulting link the website you land on is sent the information about where your search originated (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and the search term that brought you to their site. Many sites use Google Analytics to automatically record and monitor this information. It can be a useful tool for knowing which search terms are working and which are not. But depending on the search it can also reveal who you are and what you’re searching for. You might not want that, and here is how to protect your searches from Google Analytics. Continue reading

The Hell Is She Wearing? 2012 Met Ball Recap

In the first of our regular post-fashion event feature, we are recapping what the models, celebrities and the designers who adorn them presented on the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2012 Costume Institute Gala. This will be in the form of an open thread, so please find and post your hits, misses and nuclear meltdowns for discussion. Don’t forget the menfolk, either!

First up, Beyoncé, after the jump. Continue reading