Blind Items

It’s just another manic….Tuesday?

1) “This C list musician in an A list group, was recently caught with his pants down when the lead singer of the band walked in to his own living room and found him and the lead singer’s wife in flagrante delicto!” [Buzz Foto]

2) “This franchise actor has publicly denied that he is gay. He is even occasionally photographed with his girlfriend. However, he also has a new “boyfriend” in private. The “boyfriend” is the son of two celebrities and is accomplished in his own right (and, luckily for him, looks more like his mother than his father). We call him a “boyfriend” because we don’t know for sure if the two men are intimate. However, for two guys who are not in the same business and who live far away from each other, they sure are spending an awful lot of time texting and calling and visiting together. In fact, it’s as much time as the actor spends with his current girlfriend! If the actor is gay, do not expect him to come flying out of the closet any time soon. In the meantime, these two men certainly do make a very cute couple!” [Blind Gossip]

3) “This former almost A list Tweener has been desperate to get back on television since her abrupt departure a few years ago. Her parents won’t let her though because they don’t want to have to answer questions about what happened which would break wide open the hastily concocted cover story that has barely stood up to any kind of examination.” [CDAN]

4) “It has been an interesting few weeks for this celebrity couple. The couple, part of a huge franchise and consisting of a B+/A- movie actor and movie actreess have always managed to give the impression they are a couple, when in reality they are not. It has never been that big of an issue until lately. With the exception of some flings our actor had on set with some of his co-stars, he has managed to keep everything he has done on the side on the down low. The actress has always loved the friendship and relationship the two have had although it has been entirely asexual. She does not really have feelings for anyone, whether it be male or female in a sexual way and has loved being part of a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Make sense? Well, although it works for her, it has not always worked for the actor.

He would love to play the field and take advantage of all the women who want to be with him. Not in a Gerard Butler kind of way, but at least have some fun. Most of the time his drinking keeps him from getting too interested as that is by far his first love. Unbeknownst to the actress though, the actor has maintained a steady group of two or three other women who he spends time with which satisfies his needs. If the actress were to find out about them or if the relationships would be made public then she would be forced to answer questions about this long time relationship and move on which is something she is loathe to do. She likes being insulated. The problem is the actor has been seeing someone more frequently who is growing impatient and wants to be seen with our actor in public. She wants a real relationship and not just one consisting of random hotel rooms and hookups at his place when the actress is out of town.

It got so bad that in the past two weeks, the woman actually showed up on the set where our actor was filming and he had to pass off the woman as an obsessed fan which our actress did not entirely believe. Also, a former lover of the actor who also happens to be a co-star got drunk with the couple and began revealing details of the relationship she had with the actor and did so loudly. She also saw the “obsessed fan,” and said, “That looks exactly like the girl you showed me last year who you said was just your type and you were going to try and meet her.” Although our couple headed back home together, apparently neither of them have stayed there together since the fateful time on set.” [CDAN]

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