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Cannes Report: Seen and Heard at Mid-Fest

In addition to all the highly anticipated films premiering at Cannes this week, Hollywood is out in full-force, plugging films, doing interviews, — either making this all look easy, or baffling us with their red carpet, or as the French would say Croisette, statements. No matter where that carpet is rolled out, there’s sure to be glitz, glamor, and gossip.

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Movie Review: Mel Gibson Eases into Jodie Foster’s (the) Beaver

The Beaver
Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin &; Jennifer Lawrence
Directed by: Jodie Foster
Written by: Kyle Killen

Few films of 2011 have thus far been I wouldn’t say anticipated, but more likely pondered over than The Beaver. The reason for that of course being that this is “Mad” Mel Gibson’s return to the big screen following the latest of his many shall we call them kindly “incidents.”

Much less in the spotlight but also of note is that it is Jodie Foster’s first directorial effort since 1995’s largely forgettable Home for the Holidays.

Rightly or wrongly, The Beaver has sort of been viewed as a crossroads in Gibson’s career. Will it be enough to earn him back some good will in the eyes of the people after his series of very embarrassing and very public blunders? Or will it be but a blip on the continuing descent of this once shining star? To me the answer isn’t quite so clear cut.
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