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2013 Grammy Awards LiveBlog!

Every year at this time, a collection of artists from across the world get together to celebrate one another’s inspiring performances and crowning achievements in the industry. Unfortunately for us, the Oscars aren’t until the end of the month. So let’s bust out some cheap booze and watch the Grammys!

Seacrest is already doing the red carpet of E!. The show stars at 8 ET on CBS. Hey… did you know CBS airs Two Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and a variety of CSI programming? You will tonight! Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Liveblog: Finally The Finale Edition

Do you remember those beautiful innocent sunshine-filled days? The days before Lifetime wrought upon us this travesty of an “All Stars” season of Project Runway? We were brimming with hope, with joy, with possibility; all of it now dashed against the mossy river stones of Reality River. What is that I hear? Is it the short, sharp breaths of the injured but still living?! There is still hope, then, as hard as it is to believe–and that hope is in Mondo’s talented fingers. Will we finally get justice for (vom) Wretchen’s win? We’ll find out tonight, won’t we? Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Liveblog: The Homestretch

We’ve almost made it, my darlings. We’re almost there–this season is so very close to being over and done with. I have never dreaded a Project Runway finale (or rather, first half of a finale) so much as this one. I wonder why? I wonder what’s missing from this particular season that is usually the highlight of the finale? Hmmmm… Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Liveblog: Is This Season Over Yet? Edition

A forlorn, perhaps scorned lover of ScorpionThis is the last episode before the finale, chickens. Hallelujah! Our national nightmare is almost over! And not a moment too soon because you just know that when you’ve reached the challenge that has the designers designing outfits for Mortal Kombat warriors, there’s a real god damn problem.

I do want to take a moment to express complete and utter bafflement that this very same challenge brought us both Austin Scarlett’s dreamy and romantic Van Gogh-esque gown and Kenley’s bastardized Nicki Minaj fashion (or “fashion lol” as I would call it).  Oh and whatever it is that the other guys made. Who cares?

Sigh. Who cares? Let’s consume a copious amount of booze and as a loving community insult everything that these crazies do and say. Meet me in the comments at 9ET/8CT!  Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Liveblog: This Episode Better Be An Improvement Over The Previous Two Edition

The last two episodes have been almost offensively bad. Who do these producers think they’re toying with? We Project Runway fans are legion. Or something. (Most Project Runway fans don’t even get that reference, do they? Except for us. Because we at Crasstalk are multi-faceted and brilliant and amazing etc etc etc.)

Have you seen the trailer for tonight’s episode? You should if you’re into sexy dudes taking their pants off in the middle of  a New York City park (in a flirty and not at all creepy way, of course). I’ll let you fan yourself over that. That little scene alone is better than the past two hours of Project Runway combined. Besides, we deserve a little bit of unbelievably-sexy-dude-in-really-just-the-hottest-pair-of-undies-ever after having to look at this monstrosity that Rami subjected us to. Rami! RAMI! How could you? Did you even look at this thing you created? What did we do to deserve this? Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Liveblog (squeal!)

Oh Em Gee, guys! It is the Project Runway we’ve always fantasized about–the season that includes the likes of Mondo, Miss Sugarbaker, Adonis Rami, Austin Scarlett, and Our Lady of Rosettes, Kara Janx. Talent and crazy bananas! What more could we ask for? (Aside from Tim Gunn and Andrae, obviously.)

Mix your cocktails, pop open that wine (or, if you’re like me, pop out the little cardboard square of your cheapy-cheap boxed wine), and join us for a bad attitude liveblog.

Continue reading