2011 Video Music Awards Live Blog

Last year the VMAs gave us Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress. What will the 2011 awards show bring? Let’s discuss.

Any early thoughts on who will win for Video of the year? Here are the nominees:

  • Adele — “Rolling in the Deep”
  • Beastie Boys — “Make Some Noise”
  • Bruno Mars — “Grenade”
  • Katy Perry — “Firework”
  • Tyler, the Creator — “Yonkers”
I’m hoping Adele wins.
7:54 – LMFAO on the pre-show. Why does that guy have a hand print on his crotch? This is already ridiculous.

7:58 – I am unsure of Katy Perry and her pink hair.

8:00 – Gaga is not doing anything to help the “Is she really a man?” rumors.

Also, I’m not sure about this “no host” thing.

8:05 – Who hired Lady GaGuy?

8:09 – Shot of Ronnie and Sammie not fighting! So rare!

8:10 – Bruno Mars – Lady GaGuy’s inspiration?

8:11 – If there’s no host, why is Kevin Hart telling us jokes? Also, he might have to watch out, it didn’t look like Lil’ Wayne appreciated that skateboard comment.

8:13 – Nikki Minaj’s outfit is like a Project Runway challenge gone very, very wrong. And Jonah Hill has some giant ass ears.

Jonah Hill – Sensitive much?

8:16 – Our first winner is Britney Spears for “Till the World Ends.” Best Pop Video.

Wait – what is that rock on her finger? Is she engaged?!

Is the performance a surprise if you’re telling me about it?

8:23 – Is it bad that I wish Jay-Z or Kanye would trip since there are no laces in either of their shoes?

Is it just me or does the stage kinda look like a vagina when it’s red?

Was that the surprise performance? I’m not impressed.

8:26 – Best Rock Video goes to Foo Fighters! Yay! I really liked their new CD.

I didn’t realize how big Nikki Minaj’s hair was until just now. Is anyone sitting behind her?

8:32 – 18,000 VMA tweets and one awesome live blog!

I do not know who any of the nominees for Best New Artist are.

8:35 – Why couldn’t they get one of these guys to host?

8:37 – Best Hip Hop Video – Nikki Minaj. Was I the only one that was underwhelmed by her album? Not that it was bad, I was just expecting better.

How is she sitting down in that “dress”?

8:44 – Hey it’s trouty mouth!

8:45 – Best Collaboration – Katy Perry and Kanye West! This remix is on my Summer 2011 faves playlist.

8:46 – Paul Rudd looks younger now than he did in “Clueless.” But still so cute.

8:51 – Doesn’t that girl know that the “naked” outfit has been done before by our beloved Britney? That is so 10 years ago. Holy shit that makes me feel old.

These Kevin Hart cut aways are not funny.

8:58 – Can you wear that much purple with pink hair? I think P!nk and Gwen Stefani rocked the pink hair better, by the way.

9:01 – It’s not fair that Adele has that amazing voice.

LMFAO and those gerbils do not make me want to buy a Kia.

9:09 – I never liked Bevis and Butthead, but that was kinda funny. Heh heh heh

9:10 – I kinda want Kim K. to trip over that dress.

9:12 – Best Male Video – Justin Beiber. Little girls everywhere are losing their shit.

Oh snap, he thanked God AND Jesus!

Remember when people were head over heels for the Jonas Brothers?

9:13 – Chris Brown? Really? Ugh. Potty break.

9:15 – Chris Brown, I know that you’re lip syncing.

9:18 – Half the people at the VMAs were in diapers when “No Scrubs” was a hit song. I wonder if any of them can name the group that sings the song.

I kinda can’t wait for the Jersey Shore episode where Snooks gets in that car accident.

9:24 – Oh, Lady GaGuy is back. Why didn’t she just put the meat dress back on?

9:26 – The Britney tribute is probably the best part of the show.

9:29 – Hi, I’m Britney and I’m clearly reading a cue card.

9:31 – Beyonce, why aren’t you showing off your pregnancy belly?

It must be in Beyonce’s contract that a fan be near the stage to make her hair blow in the wind.

9:40 – I hate flat brim hats.

Who ARE these people?!

His shirt has a tie dye kitteh on it!

All of these kids need to pull their pants up.

9:42 – Remember when Jared Leto was an actor?

9:47 – What IS this?!

Did I miss an award or has it really been 30 minutes since they’ve handed one out?

9:53 – How much money do you think the beauty industry has made out of the women on stage? (Cloris excluded, of course.)

Deena looks like a clown.

9:54 – Best Female Video – Lady GaGuy.

Why does Katy Perry have a Lego on her head? What is wrong with these people?!

9:56 – I keep waiting for Lady GaGuy to adjust himself.

10:05 – I don’t understand the tone of Russell Brand’s tribute. Am I supposed to be laughing? Crying?

10:07 – Tony Bennett and Amy Winhouse duet album? Want.

10:09 – I was hoping Adele was going to come back out to perform. I really can’t stand to look at Bruno Mars.

10:14 – Hey Jessie I can see your underpants!

No I will not be watching that stupid I want my pants back show. Is it like some male version of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or something?

10:19 – What is Katie Holmes doing here?

10:20 – Video of the Year – Katy Perry. Boo. I wanted Adele to win.

It’s hard to walk with that thing on your head now isn’t it?! That’ll make you rethink your head wear in the future.

Remember when Drake was on Degrassi? Oh, the good ol’ days.

I still maintain that the stage looks like a vagina.

10:25 – I think Lil’ Wayne needs a Thuggie.

I don’t understand the point of a performance where half the song has to be edited out.

10:27 – And that’s that! Thanks for joining me folks! You had me in stitches the last couple hours.

Clarity out.

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