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The 20 Most Mortifying Parts of Buzz Bissinger’s Insane Leather Fetish Essay

buzz bissingerYesterday we witnessed the greatest piece of journalism in the history of GQ. Friday Night Lights author (and frequent insane sports commenter) Buzz Bissinger gave us a personal essay that was ostensibly about his haute couture shopping addiction and $500,000 Gucci habit. But the piece was really more about Buzz’s description of a midlife crisis that evolved into a bizarre S&M leather fetish. Most men his age just buy a Corvette, but not this guy.

Buzz himself says his downward spiral came about after his three kids went off to college. Since seeing your dad write a six-page exploration of his leather fetish is basically the most embarrassing thing ever, let’s rank the various parts of his essay from least to most mortifying. Continue reading