Project Runway Season 11 Episode 6 Live Blog

project-runway-26Hello, fashion mavens! It’s again time for another installment of Needle and Thread: Fashion Victims Unit! But first, last week’s episode served up sadness in the form of a “let’s design for a country singer!” challenge. We also learned that New York City as a living, breathing entity has absolutely NO idea what passes for “country,” so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that all the designers heard “country” and “rock and roll” and thought that meant “shiny, short, leather, and more shiny!” Also, the designers didn’t realize (or didn’t care to remember) that Miranda Lambert is not a size -143, but is, in fact, in possession of breasts. Nevertheless, Richard HallmarK (that ‘Q’ ain’t fooling anybody) won, and poor, sad, boring gay Michael–oops, sorry, Matthew was booted.

Tonight, Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa show up to probably make over-the-top comments about the runway! So will we (in the comments, of course!), but we’re not famous. YET.

So, join us in the comments section below and let us snark together–I bet we’ll be funnier than Joan Rivers.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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