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Happy May Day, You Dirty Commies

Today is International Workers’ Day, where the fascists of the world unite in oppressing the 1% by forming unions and buying crack with their welfare check. F’real. I read it on Drudge Report and Lucianne.com. I hear Rush Limbaugh is dedicating a whole hour to it today.

Let’s take a page out of the GOP playbook by making false equivalencies regarding socialism, fascism, and communism coming to a United States government near you! Continue reading

Office Etiquette or Office Fascism?

Here at Crasstalk, we regularly hear about annoying co-workers, boring co-workers, inconsiderate co-workers, incompetent co-workers, backstabbing co-workers and even the odd Scott Adams-style co-worker. And about managers who are petty, sadistic and anti-social. Of course, we also boast of our own errors, drunkenness, forgetfulness and irritating behaviours, often while we are meant to be doing productive work. We want our co-workers and managers to obey an unwritten code of etiquette. At the same time, we don’t want unnecessarily restrictive fascist management cramping our style and making us unhappy for no good reason. Where’s the line? Continue reading