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Is Seth MacFarlane A Jackass?

Maybe the better question would be: Is Seth MacFarlane the jackass? In the June 18th edition of The New Yorker, there appears an article that should be one of that magazine’s typical pop culture pufferies; clever, knowing, in-depth, but not too taxing. You know the ones: Tad Friend usually writes them. I usually eat them up. I’m not looking for a scathing take-down of Andrew Stanton or The Artist or Anna Faris, I just want more information than I knew before, a few telling details, some cultural context, a little inside dope and a diverting read. Continue reading

Six Sexiest Cartoon Crushes

Whether in the wee hours of the morning or the late nights of Adult Swim, 2D beauties have graced our TVs for as long as we can remember. But we don’t have to be shallow just because they lack a dimension. These toons’ brains, hearts, and occasional super powers give them depth beyond the flat screen.

Six sexy sketches after the jump.
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Explosion Bus is the Funniest Show That’s About to Be on the Internet

Who likes to laugh, amirite!? Damn straight! Laughter is like tiny unicorn kisses inside your brain, and should be sought out at all times!

For those of you who are old enough to remember this, Dr. Katz was once a super-hilarious show. Airing in the early days of Comedy Central, “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” featured Jonathan Katz taking the day’s best stand-up comics to his private therapist’s couch. H. Jon Benjamin was there too, dontchaknow.  After a long hiatus, Jonathan Katz is back, and OHIMGOD YOU GUYS I’M IN THE SHOW! Continue reading

Crass Cartoons: Marriage Equality Edition

Hello gang. The Grand Inquisitor is having problems with her ISP and has unreliable internet access this weekend. Because of this she is just going to keep this short before she is offline again. Sorry, full length fun will return next weekend. Anyway, this seemed like a good day to salute the original trail blazer in cartoon marriage equality. Bugs was fifty years ahead of Mario Cuomo.

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Crass Cartoons: I Am Chasing Moose and Squirrel

Welcome to Crass Comics. This week I thought we would take a look back at a cartoon that was a brilliant satire of Cold War politics and stereotypes. Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale were characters featured on Jay Ward’s classic The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The show ran from 1961-1964, and ran in reruns on ABC until 1973. It has been syndicated around the world ever since.

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Crass Cartoons

This week I thought we would go back to the 1960s for some vintage cartoons. From 1965 until 1969, ABC ran The Beatles, an animated series based on the music of the Fab Four. The series was writtten by Oscar nominated writer John Dunn. It was produced  by Alex Brodax and George Dunning, who also created Yellow Submarine. The voices were not actually the Beatles, but were voiced by American Paul Frees (who also did Boris Badenov in Bullwinkle), and Englishman Lance Percival (who also wrote children’s books). Continue reading