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Which of Your Favorite TV Shows Won’t Be Back Next Season?

Ahead of next week’s Upfronts presentations where all will be revealed with regard to next season’s television programming, here’s a little list of what’s already been canceled, renewed, and “on the bubble” as we and trusty TV By the Numbers see it. We’re not going to worry with all those silly Summer shows that may not make it onto the real Fall season roster. So all you fans of Mistresses, you’ll just have to wait for whatever it is the networks do with summer shows. Which seems to be quietly put them out to pasture right before everyone wonders where they store Alyssa Milano for the rest of the year. Continue reading

The Replacements – Reports From the 2011 Upfronts

Impatience may seem like a childish trait, but having to wait doesn’t really get any easier as you get older. Being able to legally drink doesn’t make it any easier when the concert you can’t wait to go to is still three months away. Having a real job and responsibilities hardly takes the edge off the fact that the newest Geraldine Brooks novel won’t be available in paperback for another year, or that Final Fantasy MDCCLXXVI is still light years away. And seeing those first gray hairs certainly doesn’t help with the fact that Mad Men won’t be reappearing until 2012 and 30 Rock‘s return revolves around baby Fey-Richmond’s arrival. Continue reading